Welp, If you’ve read my sidebar info then you can see that.. I’m pregnant with baby #2! I always said after Katie that I didn’t want another, but continued to think every now and then about giving Katie a sibling. After my weight loss and then health problems- we did try in 2009 and I think 2010 to get pregnant a little but there was too much imbalance back then. We usually stayed protected but the last year or two we’d have random unprotected sessions. Wellll, one of those was in early June of this year. Was looking for my period around June 20th. Nothing. My period had actually been *earlier* each month by a couple days so I thought well, maybe it’s resetting. Waited. Nothing. June 30th gets here and I’m thinking uh, well, I’m late. How long do I wait to test? I was a little in denial that I might be pregnant haha because of my past struggle with PCOS to get pregnant with Katie. I wasn’t even sure it would happen again. July 3rd, Sunday, we had went to church then stopped by Whole Foods and then Wal-Mart. I picked up a cheapie pregnancy test and a Clearblue 2 pack digitial that told me about how many weeks past ovulation I was. We made it home and I’ve never had a test you had to use a little dropper lol. 3 drops of pee later and I watched the test… at first it looked like I had messed it up but then it started to settle. DARK- POSITIVE- LINE. It was a bit shocking, lol. Yup, no wonder my boobs felt a bit tender. I went to show Brad and was shaking and had to sit down LOL. I took one of the digital tests later that evening… Pregnant and about 2-3 weeks past ovulation. Next day the digital said 3+ weeks past ovulation.

The nausea has been pretty dreadful. It’s like an empty stomach nausea, where I don’t feel like I’m gonna be sick but just annoying. However, I got sick for the first time yesterday. Everything else has been great. We got to see our tiny bean at our “pregnancy confirmation” appointment yesterday and I got my pap smear too. NP said I’m about right on track for my estimate of about 8w1d (now 2d) and so I should be due late February. I told the NP about my pregnancy with Katie and how she was early so she said they might want to start progesterone injections to help prevent that so we’ll see. I go back next week for my first official and long appointment! Brad is gonna try to take off again to take me.. I know he can’t take off too much tho.

Speaking of Brad- he finally went to see a behavioral specialist about his stress and they are gonna try him on low dose Lexapro and start therapy too. I just want him to be as happy as he can be! Especially since we’re gonna have a second baby to take care of. Katie is over the moon excited about being a big sister. Our whole world is gonna change next year!!! I’m really excited and felt so in love with our tiny bean when I saw that tiny tiny flicker of a heart beat (160bpm!) on the screen. I was surprised they did an U/S! So thrilled when we came in and saw my name already on the U/S machine.

Feeling so very blessed! Praying we can get some extra income somehow so that we can get everything we need and I know it will all work out <3

Exciting weekend

Thought I’d post our highlights as of late!
– Put everything together for Katie’s baptism last week
– We knew big changes were coming for our area church, but we had to wait till Sunday to find out
– Brad’s mom, stepdad and 2/3 of his younger sisters drove down from Mississippi Saturday for Katie’s baptism!
– Her baptism was awesome and I cried! because it reminded me of when Brad and I found the church and was baptized
– Was awesome to see Brad’s family :) and my Mom and Aunt were gonna come but both of them were sick
– Mom has had a lot of trouble breathing recently so just send out some prayers
– After the baptism, we all hung out here for a while then Brad’s mom and stepdad booked a hotel and Brad took one of his sisters out to show her around the town
– They came back and we all decided his sisters would stay the night with us and his mom and stepdad would have a hotel all alone for the night!
– Brad got to hang out with his sisters but It had been a busy day so we didn’t stay up too late
– Got up early Sunday and Brad’s mom and stepdad arrived just after 8AM then we got ready for church
– Said our goodbyes and they hit the road and we went to this special meeting for church
– Found out that our ward (congregation) will be split, so us and a handful of people will be added to another group of church people while the rest of our congregation will form a new ward.. so it sucks we won’t see most of our usual people
– The plus side is that we usually go from 9AM-12PM for church. Well, our new time for us is 1PM-4PM so that will be interesting
– I was soo happy to take a 2 hour nap when I got home Sunday and we got to come home early since it was a special meeting
– We went to the store Sunday afternoon to pick up a few things then at about 8PM we went to the pond to walk around! Lots of turtles were in the water! I saw at least 20 or so.
– Brad walked around a lot because of… can ya guess? Pokemon Go. Haha. There were so many people standing around at the pond doing the same but I just never was a Pokemon fan so yeah.
– Still working on finding a job for extra money that we need.. send some good vibes my way.
– Also have to get ready to buy Katie’s school supplies!

Hope everyone has an awesome week! Might see about taking Katie swimming since we haven’t been this summer yet. =)