Dentist day

The little tummy time pillow I ordered for Benjamin came today! It’s so cute! Type in Amazon: Baby Einstein Rhythm of The Reef Prop Pillow – to see it!

Took Katie to the dentist this afternoon for 2 little fillings and she did great! It did hurt her a little when they did the top. =( She is all fixed as far as dental work. Now… I need to get my one tooth fixed soon. I was supposed to Tuesday but had to cancel because of my boob infection.

I’m ready to relax! Brad will be off work tomorrow for Good Friday.

What else? So, my aunt watched Benjamin while I took Katie to the dentist today so I was thankful that she was able to do that for me.

I didn’t even realize I didn’t post yesterday… woops.

Loving the new show 13 Reasons Why on Netflix! Going to watch more as soon as Katie goes to bed.

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!

Boob infection

Woops… lost my motivation for blogging for a few days!

– We had more storms move through but nothing too bad, thank goodness
– Katie is back to school after spring break and now the countdown until summer
– Thought Benjamin had thrush but nope! He’s all good but can be quite fussy and gassy
– I let my boobs go too long without pumping a few times and got a slight infection this weekend. =( Had a 101 fever, headache, severe body aches, lumpy breasts from the engorgement but I got plenty of rest and just kept pumping more often and my fever went away last night and I felt better today but still feel like I should take it easy and make sure to NOT let that happen again
– Brad took off today to take me for Benjamin’s appointment so it was nice to have him home
– Started taking prebiotics with my probiotics and that should help the balance in my gut (been battling gut imbalance for years)
– Watched the first episode of the new show First Dates last night and thought it was pretty funny haha
– I am thinking about starting the show I’ve heard a lot about on Netflix- 13 Reasons Why
– 2 goals for tonight: clean our ferret’s cage and wash my hair (it’s a mess lol)… got the cleaning done but still need to wash hair

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!