A baby…

Time to play catch up again!

I will say this- this weather has been AH-MAZING today. Blue skies, bit of a breeze, and I think it got to about 80 degrees but didn’t feel like it. I had an interesting night to say the least. Seems when I can’t go to the restroom (TMI) then it causes me sleeping problems and nerve pain in my left leg, but also may be due to the way the baby is laying. We went to bed at 1AM and I woke up at 3AM and had to pee. I tried to lay back down but felt hungry and couldn’t get comfortable. Back up again to sip juice and sit on the couch. Brad woke up and then saw that I wasn’t back to bed so he got up to check on me lol. We sat together a few minutes then went back to bed. I tried to sleep but just stirred around and doze off/on. I woke up around 5 or 6 with this nerve pain my leg so I flipped sides and still wasn’t that comfy. Ugh. I have a feeling as I get further along I’m gonna have more of these nights.

SO- REWIND! This last Tuesday (4th) was our big ultrasound day!!!! Sucky thing is that this radiology ultrasound is where they won’t give you any info cause they aren’t a doctor.. BOOO. Katie missed school to go with us! It was a beautiful day and I remember sitting in the waiting room looking out the big windows at the beautiful flowers they have planted outside and there were so many butterflies on those flowers!!! Awesome. We got called back and the ultrasound tech was really nice. We got started and she asked If we knew what it might be- boy or girl wise. I told her we had an earlier ultrasound and they said potentially a boy. She put the wand on my belly and got the underneath the baby view and …. IT’S A BOY!!!! Sure enough, the other doc and nurse were right at 12w3d. We saw his boy bits first thing, Lol. She did all the measurements and baby boy would not be still lol so she had me go empty my bladder (thank goodness!) to see if that could help haha. We got a bunch of ultrasound pics on a disc and then we were done! Thankfully, I got an email the next day from my OB that said everything is normal!!!!!!!!! <3 After the big ultrasound I wanted to buy something BOY-related so we stopped by Babies R US and bought HIM a cute little onesie that says “Little Brother” and then a long sleeve footed suit that has spaceships on it! Decided to stop by Wal-Mart on the way home since I needed more chocolate ice cream, lol. Picked up tiny babe a small bottle and little pacifiers. <3 I have been feeling random pokes and kicks! I smile and giggle/laugh every time. <3 Well, Mom hasn’t been doing well or feeling good this weekend so send some prayers her way. Guess what tomorrow makes?! I’ll be 20 weeks pregnant! Woot, half-way! Loving my round little baby bump. Guess I’ll go get Katie ready for bed then might watch a little of this next Presidential Debate and eat chocolate ice cream, haha. Oh, and just a side note- I have felt really good today, which equals AWESOME. Have a great week!

Tiny kicks!

I need to update this blog more often…

I’ve been loving spaghetti lately! In fact, I might buy more tonight to cook tomorrow. YUM. So, Katie on her first week long “fall break” and I’m hoping to get her into the dentist this week since she has 2 tiny tiny cavities that need to be taken care of- but they reassured us when she had her teeth cleaned recently that we had been doing great with keeping them clean but the back molars can still get cavities regardless. Katie is not looking forward to it haha. We are gonna have a cool front Thursday and Friday!!!!!!! WHEE. I will be so happy when I don’t have to turn on the A/C at all anymore and just keep my windows open. Last week taking Katie to the bus stop in the morning I could smell dead leaves! Summer is my favorite but it is nice to see the fall colors, cooler temps, smell the various fall related smells, and I’m hoping we can go to a fall type festival maybe in mid-October! I am gonna miss the extra daylight tho a LOT… =( Do NOT like it when it gets dark at like 5:30-6pm and then dreaded winter. UGH. Cold, rainy, gloomy.. bleh.

I started to feel little baby flutters into my 16th week, a little more in the 17th, and just today at 18w1d I felt 2 tiny kicks!!!! I almost cried because it’s so sweet. Next Tuesday is our big 75 minute ultrasound!! SO EXCITED. Last Thursday I had my baby checkup and got my first Makena shot, which I didn’t even feel! Another one this Thursday plus a copay. Same for the next Thursday after that. Well, I’ll have them every Thursday but some don’t require copays (thank goodness) but still a lot of money added up, even with insurance.

I think I may be getting Group B infection again because Sunday night I went to bed and could not get to sleep and my heart rate was up then my legs started to ACHEEEEE really badly. I didn’t recognize it then but I think I had a fever that started earlier that evening. I could NOT SLEEP Sunday night. I tossed and turned, felt my heart racing, legs aching… laid there for 2 hours and drifted to sleep maybe twice for a short time. Finally, I got up at 4AM and felt terrible. So terrible. Oh, and that night I had to pee like 3 different times, which I usually don’t. I laid on the couch and drifted in/out sleep then finally got up at 6:30AM to take my thyroid meds and wake Brad for work. I felt nauseous pretty badly too. Brad eventually left for work and I tried to eat breakfast but my appetite was a lot less and I felt soo sick that if I ate another bite I was gonna puke. I finally took my temp a bit later and it was 99.2 and then I realized it might be the infection again. I took Tylenol at lunch and wow, it made such a difference! I also think with my gut/digestion not being the best also ups the risk of me getting the infection again but going to the bathroom seemed to help too. It was so weird because I started to feel a bit better and my fever went up a few more points later but then by that evening my temp was normal and I felt decent again. I was able to sleep last night and back to usual today so I’ll have them check me for it when I go for the Makena shot Thursday. I do not want that infection back!

Just waiting for next Tuesday’s ultrasound to be 100% on gender then going to celebrate by buying a few things! <3 Also, random note- If you’re looking to watch an awesome new show that’s similar to Parenthood then check out NBC’s This is Us. I love it so much already!!! Brad and I sat down and watched the 1st Presidential Debate last night… oh, what a segment. Poor Lester, LOL. TBH, I don’t care for either candidate so mehhhh. I think I would rather have Trump than Hillary because of the various bad involvements I’ve heard about with Hillary. Not that Trump doesn’t have his drawbacks either. Again, MEH. Enjoy the rest of your week! <3