Best ever


First off, I had forgotten to take my usual 2 vitamin gummies on the 17th and that was not good. I didn’t realize how much the vitamins kept me from being slammed with usual “pregnancy symptoms”. I forgot on the 17th and went to bed. I woke up at 4:30AM and had to pee… so went to do that and felt the empty-stomach nausea but thought I’d just try to go back to sleep. Well, laid back down and my head started to hurt badly pretty fast and I still felt nauseous. I tossed and tossed. My head was just getting worse so I finally decided to get up and go sip on some juice. Oooh gosh.. by the time I go to the kitchen and had taken a few sips I felt the sensation in my stomach that I knew meant I was gonna be sick- there’s just no avoiding that lol and it also sucked because there wasn’t really anything in my stomach of course. I was wide awake after that and my head was still hurting badly so I drank some juice, took Tylenol, and sat on the couch for a bit. It was already after 5:30AM and Brad usually wakes me at 6:05AM so I stayed up and got usual routine going a few minutes earlier. Got Katie off to school and Brad had just left for work and I decided to *try* eating breakfast, even though it didn’t really seem all that good to me. I ate a handful of bites and was on my 2nd bite of waffle when I got sick again. Uggggh. Luckily, I felt better and was able to eat the rest of breakfast. Sheeeesh! After all that I was more than ready for a nap so I took a nice bath and laid down for a couple hours since Brad would be home about 12:30PM to get ready for our baby appointment!! EEE!! I woke up at 11:30AM and took those important gummy vitamins lol then called Mom for a little before I went to fix lunch. Brad came home, I ate lunch, and he took a little nap before he ate a bit of lunch too. We eventually got everything together (my snack, vitamins, water, Katie’s snack for after school, etc) then went to pick up my Aunt and drop her off over at our apartments cause she was staying at my cousin’s apartment then getting Katie from the bus when it was time.

Our trip to the specialty hospital was way shorter than we thought! Appointment was at 3PM and we got there at 2:15PM so I checked in, paid co-pay, then we went up a floor to sit in the waiting room. I didn’t mind waiting a bit since we were early but then… 2:50pm, 3PM, 3:15PM, 3:20PM.. still waiting. I thought man, when will our name be called lol. Finally we get called and the sweet nurse Sharon apologized for being late with our appointment but reassured us that they were gonna take good care of us. Got vitals and I lost a pound! Went to our nice little room and we were gonna see our tiny babe on a big screen mounted on the wall!!! So awesome! That little babe of ours was jumping around in there lol we saw the legs stretch out many times and saw those arms moving around too. So cuuuuute!! Nurse looked at everything with the babe and took the various pictures for measurements, including trying to predict the sex! Looking highly like a little BOY with the “angle of the dangle” theory LOL. We saw the little baby nub many, many times too. Brad said he thought he saw it pretty quickly when we started the ultrasound hahah. Eventually the nurse noticed that my bladder had filled up so she told me to go ahead to the restroom before the Doc came in to talk and look at the baby again too. I went to pee and the awesome nurse had printed out 4 ultrasound pics for us!!! Front of face, profile with the “nub” lol, back view of baby, and the arms/hands!!! <3 Nurse left and Doc took about 10 min to come in but he was soooo awesome too. We got to see our wiggly baby some more and he said baby does seem to be leaning towards looking like a BOY (he said about 80% sure) just as the nurse had said – measurements are great for all areas of baby and my due date is February 27th 2017! Baby measured 12w2d and I went by 12w3d so just a day difference! I was good at predicting when we conceived. I will indeed be getting the progesterone shots to help me carry longer and we went over a few other things! I got a vial of blood taken for the genetic testing for Down’s Syndrome and etc then we were out of there! It started clouding over on the way home and traffic was pretty backed up so took us almost an hour to get home. It was pretty stormy/dark by the time we got near home so Brad said he was gonna drive home then I could go drive over to Mom’s to tell them about my appointment and pick up Katie. It started raining just as I was about to get to Moms but told them about everything and showed the pictures :) then eventually came home, fixed Katie’s dinner, and eventually mine. Someone from church had called me earlier so I called her back and had such a wonderful conversation!!! She’s a life coach so she shares a passion for health like myself and she also has struggled with many health issues and wants to pay me to come motivate her a few days a week to exercise!! AHHHHHHHHHHH, just what I was hoping for!

Also, really proud of Katie because Monday-Wednesday of this week was not so good for her behavior wise at school, but she turned it around yesterday and I got a message from her teacher while we were in the waiting room at the hospital saying that Katie had a much better day! I went to bed last night and Brad said he had trouble waking me this morning and I was sleeping sooooo good lol. I’ve felt great since I woke up this morning, even less nausea- thank goodness. Probably gonna lay down for my morning nap in a bit. Looking forward to this evening to go grocery shopping with my babe and then the weekend!! :) Next baby appointment (with my usual Doc that I’ve seen already) is TUESDAY!!!! Would be awesome to see the bitty one again but if not I’m content with everything from yesterday <3 and I should start the shots in about a month. Brad started taking meds to help with his overall depression and has said he has been feeling better since they gave him the recent mood stabilizer so I’m happy for him! I want ice cream! Might spend some extra money to eat at Whole Foods tonight… that sounds delicious. Lol. Hope everyone has an awesome weekend <3

Hey hai hello!

How is it already half way through August?!?!? Disappointing that it’s starting to get darker earlier in the evenings… *sad face* I don’t want summer to end !!!!!!!!

Time for highlights and updates since last post!
– Early August I got an email from my Doc saying I have a Group B infection, which they found from urine culture so THAT’S why I felt so dreadful since I found out I was pregnant! I took antibiotics for a few days and it really helped me feel a good bit better.
– Still been driving more so I am proud of myself for that
– Katie started 3rd grade August 1st and has been getting into random trouble since week 2- we’re in week 3 now. So, Brad set up a new behavior system on her dry erase board in her room that goes by how she did at school.. we’ll see how that goes. They already have a color system at school but wanted to try one along with it at home. She got in trouble yesterday for asking for something and the teacher said no, yet she went behind their back, asked another teacher (who didnt know the situation and said yes) but then got caught for doing it. Really hoping she’ll be good the rest of the week.
– Now 12 weeks and 1 day preggo!! Can feel a tiny bulge on my lower abdomen! Nausea is so much better than it was- that infection really had me feeling sooo nauseated. My problem now is that if I wait too long to eat then I feel sick, but then when I do eat I get full QUICK. Rinse and repeat lol.
– I want LOTS OF FOODS but we haven’t been able to afford much lately so I’m stuck with trying to satisfy those cravings.. ugh. I’m loving white grape juice!
– I’d like to have… ice cream, chinese food, sea food, sushi, and I need to buy a bottle of some sort of soda (OMG can you believe I said that!?) cause I want something reallllllly sweet. Just to sip on it here and there.
– We went out for a special treat first weekend of August on a Saturday evening to get frozen yogurt at Pink Berry. IT WAS HEAVENLY!!!!!!!!!!! I got the coconut, Katie got chocolate, and Brad their new peach flavor. Oh my goodness. If we go there again I’m getting a medium peach because it was sooo very delicious. The coconut rocked too but that peach is something I’d have every single day lol. Prior to getting the yogurt- I had been on a hunt for Skillet’s new album and finally got it at Target! They are for sure one of my fav bands now <3
– Lots of appointments upcoming! Brad had his check up appointment this morning with the Doc to see how his antidepressant has been doing for him and he told me he felt like it has kept him “even”. I’m getting my cousin to take me tomorrow to get blood drawn for my thyroid labs. I am WAY PAST DUE for having them checked. My hair has been falling out for quite some time, along with thinned out, and my digestion has been off for a long while. I need to have an in-person appointment with my Doc that gives me thyroid meds but would be too expensive right now. Just need to get those levels and get more thyroid meds. Gotta stay as stable as possible while pregnant. Thursday is a big baby appointment! We’re going for genetic testing at a special location and then next Tuesday I have my monthly baby checkup appointment. I should start the progesterone shots in a little over a month from now. Oh joy.
– Applied for jobs at our local Target.. am hoping to find something to work from 6:30pm (or 7pm) till whenever… I’d be willing to work till midnight or a bit more and that way Brad will be at home to watch Katie (and when the new baby comes). Talked to someone at church and they are gonna help me look for a job too.
– Mom did not feel good last Friday and I had tried to call her 4? 5? times… no answer. I knew that meant she might not feel well. Well, she usually watches Katie on Friday evenings while we go grocery shopping so we drove over to drop Katie off and Mom’s front door was closed but I thought maybe she did that to keep the apartment cool but when we came in she was asleep on the couch so I told Katie to come out and close the door but Mom woke up and said she wouldn’t be able to watch her since her head was hurting really badly. I told her to lay back down and get some rest. My Aunt lives 2 doors down and said she’d watch Katie for us so that was awesome of her. We went to buy stuff then came back and picked Katie up. We got back home and a little later my Aunt called and said the ambulance just picked Mom up and asked If I could drive her (my Aunt) to the hospital in about an hour to go see what was going on so I said sure. We got Katie to bed and I grabbed my snacks and juice then headed off. Long story short- turns out Mom had bronchitis. She was choking very badly and her head/neck was in so much pain from coughing so much and so hard. They sent her home later that night- 1AM and my Aunt and Cousin went to pick her up and didn’t get home till 3AM. She got some meds so thankfully we got that sorted.

I think that pretty much sums up everything since last post! Think I’m gonna do a few more things before I lay down for my usual morning nap. Hope everyone has an awesome day and week! If I find the motivation I’ll come back and update on my appointments sooner rather than later, lol.