Move along

Happy Tuesday!

This will be short since there’s not much to say for today. I had a few contractions while laying down during sleep last night and had MAJOR leg nerve pain… oucccch. I had the nerve leg pain and a contraction at the same time and couldn’t move, just had to lay there and breathe. Shew.

It’s been a bit rainy but another warmer day. Well, up close to 70. Katie has been real good for me today, thank goodness. Hopefully she’ll keep that up. Brad texted me earlier at work and said his first day had been great and I’m soooo happy to hear it!!!!!!

I made the bed this morning, folded 2 loads of laundry, washed the dishes, and had a great nap before lunch.

Debating between leftover spaghetti or pizza for dinner… hm hm. Choices!

And onto Wednesday we go!

Major ouch

Yeah… my back really hurts from all that walking yesterday and might be part of the progress?????? I can only hope lol. I felt really restless last night too but I was able to get sleep. Today was Brad’s holiday off for President’s Day so we just mostly had a laid back day and stopped by Kroger for a few more groceries. I just ate a yummy burrito and some sour cream and onion pop chips for dinner.

Sooooooo excited for my hubby’s first day on his new job (within the same company) tomorrow!!! His new boss has already told him the first half of tomorrow will be moving all of his desk stuff to his new one!!! I’m really happy that he was given this new opportunity. Can’t wait to hear more about it!

So super happy it was another warmer day… got up to 72 I think. Brad put the baby car mirror above the car seat in the car so that is done.

And the biggest highlight- I am 39 weeks pregnant today! FULL TERM baby!!! No preemie baby this time, which I am grateful for but not used to struggling to endure the late term pregnancy stuff lol like random contractions! I hope he comes sooner rather than later haha. He has been real active this evening… love feeling his little legs and feet move around in there. EEEEEEEEE.

We’re gonna watch the latest Walking Dead here in a bit and can’t wait for ice cream later! Also can’t wait for my next OB checkup on Thursday but I can only pray/hope/everything-else that he comes before then!