My goodness

Happy Thursday! This week went by way too fast but I’m ready for the weekend and thankfully my love will be here this time!!!

Today wasn’t eventful… but Ben has been eating every 3 hours and sleeping about that too so I’ve gotten less sleep today. Total of maybe 3 1/2? Hopefully he’ll sleep longer tonight.

We watched the latest episode of Bones last night… can’t believe next week is the Series Finale! =( Gonna be super sad to see it go. Tonight we’re gonna watch last nights Chicago PD and still need to catch up on last Sunday’s Walking Dead at some point too.

I was gonna clean the ferret cage last night but didn’t get to it so as soon as I pump this milk I’m gonna get that done and then round up the trash too since It needs to be taken out.

That’s all!

Do not disturb

Ughh- so Ben slept pretty well during the night and then I fed him early this morning at almost 8AM then got set to pump milk then was going to lay down but then a friend of ours kept calling but I was thinking- nope, just gonna turn my phone on silent so I can get this done and get some sleep. I laid down about 9AM and then was woken up by BANGING on our front door… geeze. I tried to ignore but more knocking. I got up and went to the back just to wait to see if they would go on- nope LOUDER knocking. It was the lady upstairs. She’s nice and everything but just walked right on in! “Were you sleeping?” “..Yeah” “Oh, I’m so sorry”. She brought some outfits for Benjamin but um, really? … Thanks for coming in uninvited and waking me from my already sleep deprived schedule. I got off and on little naps since Ben was also waking up fussy a bit here and there but I finally got up for good around noon and fixed my lunch. Rest of the day so far has been alright. I cooked spaghetti for the first time in a long while and am eating a later dinner now.

Plan on watching shows tonight after Katie goes to bed and also need to clean our ferret’s cage at some point.

Hope everyone had a great day!