28w3d checkup!

Another Thursday and another baby checkup! Of course my ob checkups are now going to be every 2 weeks, but I go every week anyway for my Makena preterm labor shots.

It was a pretty good day but WOW, it was much much colder!!! Currently 39… BRRR. I got ready for my appointment, went and stood out in the cold and wind to wait for Katie’s bus then we came back so she could change and my Mom’s friend could come pick us up so we could drop Katie off at my Mom’s. We usually walk over there but nooo way in that chilly wind! We dropped Katie off then eventually got seated to wait. Didn’t have to wait long! I was a bit more stressed with Katie’s school situation yesterday so I knew my weight would be more than usual and it was but it usually goes down in a day or two. Blood pressure- awesome. Everything- awesome! They took my urine sample then went ahead to get my Makena shot out of the way. My nurse (Erin) is so awesome!!! And I told her that, twice! =) Erin left and the other sweet nurse stayed and gave me my glucose drink for the gestational diabetes testing so I drank that and told her about my weight loss over the years and of course she was amazed. I finished that then the midwife came in and she was great too. She gave me my pre-admission hospital packet and then measured my belly… 28cm! So awesome. Right on track. Heard little Ben’s heart beat going away at 166bpm because of that sugar lol. She even saw my belly move with a kick LOL. She talked to me about what to do if I do go into early labor, as far as who to call and gave me the labor line card that will put me straight through to someone. Went over a few more things then headed downstairs to wait in the lab waiting room for an hour. Sat and read my packet for the hospital pre-admission then got called back, poked, and done!!! Drove back home and got stuck in some traffic, since it was after 5pm. Didn’t get back till nearly 6pm and told Mom about my appointment then Brad came to pick us up since he had already been home from work. Brad also was able to get us a whole bunch of free tops from his work (Yamaha!) and they are pretty cool! Can’t wait to wear them, including a soft hoodie that’s pretty big on me but will do great at keeping warm (for example, in the morning when it’s 22 outside and we’re waiting for Katie’s bus…).

I ate spaghetti for dinner, Katie got a bath and put to bed, and then I finished up the dishes then finalllllly sat down. I was WAITING WAITING for my glucose test results to be posted online (so awesome that I can look at them online!) so first results came back for my CBC, which looked normal except for my low platelets but those have been on the lower side since after my weight loss but doc’s have said it’s not a concern as long as I don’t have complications. Waited. My phone notification for an email went off! Lab posted!!! This is it… I hesitate to click the link lol. Midwife said it can’t be higher than 134 and when I did the test early in pregnancy the result was 109. Hesitate… then finally take a peek:

… 112!!!!! I DON’T HAVE GESTATIONAL DIABETES THIS TIME! Just proves that all my hard work to be healthier over the years has paid off in a big way. It is seriously like an early Christmas present to me and just means healthier baby Ben too.

I am one ECSTATIC Mommy to be. Just can’t wait to meet and cuddle our sweet little Benjamin. Feeling so very thankful, grateful, and blessed. I owe it all my Heavenly Father! Time to finish my ice cream and go play my game for a bit! =)


This afternoon/evening has been pretty annoying. Katie’s teacher sent me a long message on how Katie has continued the last several weeks to not pay attention, be off task, and distracted/distracting others so she is gonna try a new approach starting after the New Year. We’ll see how it goes.

The This is Us fall finale…… OMG-SO-AWESOME. I knew it would be. Brad still won’t watch it with me =( Oh well.

I played my game a bit tonight and now I’m just feeling annoyed so gonna get a bath and get some sleep.

SO EXCITED for my baby OB checkup tomorrow!