Tiny babe

Wheee, today I am 15w3d pregnant! I haven’t felt tiny babe kick yet but I do feel him “shift” within my tiny baby bump! So awesome. I slept so awesome last night then got up this morning and felt good but then got tired and passed out about 10AM and had a great nap but was woken up by my phone but I went and laid down another hour before lunch. I did want soda more often the last few weeks but that has went away but I am looooving to drink light apple juice. Umm, this whole pregnancy I’ve been wanting more protein but not so much leafy greens. We’ll see what I want as I progress along. Just waiting for the 22nd for my next appointment.

I love summer but yes, I am ready to get out of the 90’s here in Georgia but that won’t happen for another week or so I think. Mid-September is gonna bring us down into the high of 80’s but I have been loving the slightly cooler mornings when I walk Katie to the bus stop. Gonna have another opportunity to make a little extra money helping my Aunt’s friend so that will help us a bit. Other than that? Nothing new… except I had been wanting some potato salad and Mom made me some yesterday! Was awesome with my dinner =)

Hope you’re having a great week and enjoy the weekend <3


Ugggh- have felt pretty nauseous this morning, but drank some orange crush and that helped. I usually *never* drink soda, but since I’ve been pregnant I’ve been buying a 12 ounce to sip on when I feel sick or crave it.

Last Tuesday was our monthly baby checkup! I updated it on the 2nd pregnancy page (which you can click on the sidebar link). Heard that little heart beat on the doppler at about 160bpm and she said “he” was moving a lot lol. Umm got all set up to start my progesterone injections at 17 weeks- which some of those visits require co-pays… bleh. Set up for our BIG ultrasound at 19 weeks!!! Get to see baby for 75 minutes, SQUEEEEEEEEE. However, I have to drink a ton of water and have that full bladder during the ultrasound andddd I will probably pee my pants lol. The first gestational diabetes testing that I did weeks ago got mixed up so they had me drink the sugary drink again and my CNP kept apologizing because it got mixed up and I was having to do this again but no worries lol. I got the results online that evening… 109!! No gestational diabetes! Next appointment is September 22nd for my 1st injection then I will stay busy with appointments until the baby comes. My tiny bitty baby bump is slowly growing and can’t wait to pop out more! I usually avoid eating dairy but have been trying it out the last 2 weeks or so and so far so good! I eat a small bowl of chocolate ice cream for dessert. It’s nice to be able to eat food that used to cause me pain/symptoms! I pushed it a little too far yesterday tho- Brad heard me say I wanted a Wendy’s frosty and fries so he surprised me with that lol and btw the frosty is NASTY to me. I took one small bite and thought it was terrible. I knew the fries might not be such a good idea cause of my more sensitive body/gut but I tried anyway but yeah there’s various oils in them and caused me to have a headache this morning and deffo put extra stress on my body. No thanks. I’ll stick to my homemade fries.

Katie isn’t too fond of her 3rd grade teacher, since she’s more strict I think so she has been testing the waters, so to speak. Getting into trouble the last few weeks so we’ve been trying to guide her in the right direction to try harder to do her best and stop getting into trouble week after week.

Alright, time to take a nap before I get up for lunch then get ready for church! Happy Sunday <3 Wishing everyone a positive week!