And another

Basically the same routine as yesterday – I’m so exciting… lol.

Brad had another great day on his new job training with someone and again, I’m so delighted to hear him say that he’s happier with the job.

Delicious pizza for dinner? Check!

Great episode of Bones? Check!

Next up… I’m gonna bawl my eyes out watching This is Us in just a few. OH-THE-FEELS.

I’ve had more contractions today than usual and a lot of belly tight squeezing this evening. OB check tomorrow and If my “feeling” is right then I’ve dilated more. Here’s to hoping!! If not then onto the next day!

Enjoy your evening =)

Move along

Happy Tuesday!

This will be short since there’s not much to say for today. I had a few contractions while laying down during sleep last night and had MAJOR leg nerve pain… oucccch. I had the nerve leg pain and a contraction at the same time and couldn’t move, just had to lay there and breathe. Shew.

It’s been a bit rainy but another warmer day. Well, up close to 70. Katie has been real good for me today, thank goodness. Hopefully she’ll keep that up. Brad texted me earlier at work and said his first day had been great and I’m soooo happy to hear it!!!!!!

I made the bed this morning, folded 2 loads of laundry, washed the dishes, and had a great nap before lunch.

Debating between leftover spaghetti or pizza for dinner… hm hm. Choices!

And onto Wednesday we go!