Can’t believe it’s the last day of 2017… yet another year has flown by. This year brought us the blessing of our baby boy Benjamin! Brad went up job stat wise! There were plenty of not-so great things too. Brad lost his Dad on my birthday back in March. I had an infection after birth that kept me in the hospital for 3 days in April.

I got my labs done for my thyroid and other various levels too. Thyroid levels look awesome so no change! Found out my ferritin (iron storage) is a little over 10! That’s why I have no energy, ever. I think that’s been my main problem for YEARS. Back when we did some labs in 2013 when I started my thyroid meds my ferritin was only in the 30’s and I still had energy problems. If I wasn’t taking other vitamins I would be way worse off than I am. Not sure how I didn’t think about the ferritin levels the last few years. So my goal for 2018 health wise is to finally get my energy back so I can exercise again. I love to exercise… it is my way to de-stress and get pumped up but I can see why I haven’t been able to with such low ferritin. Not sure what it was before pregnancy but I would guess in the 20’s, maybe. I’d like to see it in the 70-90 range actually. No wonder I lost so much hair a few months ago. And I also feel pretty irritable often, even though I sure fight it. Gotta get this straight! Of course I don’t have the best absorption so I’ll have to see what supplement works best. My regular blood iron level is low normal.

Benjamin turned TEN months on the 28th! He is getting his 2 top teeth too.

Katie goes back to school this Thursday and Brad goes back to work Tuesday.

It is COLD COLD COLD outside… and is gonna be this way for the week. BRRRR.

Praying we can find a HOUSE before March since our lease here will be up. Either find a house or stay, again. We really, really need another room for Benjamin.

Another goal for me is to *maybe* get BRACES. That would mean everything to me but we’ll have to see If we can fit that into our budget.

I can’t believe I was pregnant this time last year! Cheers to an awesome new year in 2018! I pray for everyone to have love, health, and happiness! I will fight to get my energy back and then set some other goals into motion!