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End of

Welp, goodbye to March!

I went to bed at 1AM, which made me happy cause the night before I didn’t get to lay down until 2AM. I felt like I might have a headache coming on when I laid down last night and yep- I woke up at 3:47AM this morning and my head hurt pretty badly but it was worse when Ben woke me up crying just before 6AM. Oh my goodness… I haven’t had a headache like that in a long time. I took my thyroid meds and soon after took some ibprofen. That helped for a bit but I have a slight headache even now.

Katie is off next week for spring break… oh boy. Hopefully won’t get too hectic with having her home all day for a week.

Sun is shining brightly today but super windy! They are currently starting on paving our portion of the parking lot in the apartments so we’re gonna have quite the time carrying in groceries tonight because we have to park somewhere else.

Benjamin has been good today and he slept all night again! I’m so very thankful. Let’s just hope he is good for us tonight while he’s out with us shopping. Excited to have hubby home for the weekend!!!! =) Enjoy yours!

One month checkup

I am loving this warmer weather for sure!!!!! I need to find more time to go spend outside in the sun.

Today’s big adventure was for Benjamin’s one month doc checkup! And… he’s grown an inch longer- 21 1/2 inches long. And my goodness did he have a growth spurt! He was 8lbs 3oz at his 2 week checkup and today he was 9lbs 12oz LOL! Our little piggy. I asked the doc about the rash on his face and she said it was just baby acne and would probably clear in about a week. We can put some hydrocortisone cream on it twice a day. That was pretty much it! Said he looks great. =) Our little man.

I got 4 hours of sleep last night and Ben slept a long time again!! I went back to sleep for like 30 minutes before we left for his checkup too. I’m still kind of tired now. Brad came home, ate dinner, fed/changed Ben since I was pumping and eating dinner, and then he headed out to go to a church meeting. Hopefully we can make it back to church in about 2 weeks! Our church has a special conference this weekend so no one will be going to normal services.

Tomorrow is Friday!!!