Oh boy.. last night was rough. Benjamin was not happy for about 3-4 hours and I tried this, that, and the other. I tried to lay down on the couch and he would scream for a little then get quiet and scream again. He finally ate and settled down but then I only had an hour before I had to get Katie up and ready for school. After Katie was off to school and Brad off to work- I pumped some milk, fed him at 8:20AM and then we both passed out. I woke up at around 11:35AM and then he woke up later, which gave me time to get a few things done. He stayed more alert during the day today so hopefully we’ll have a MUCH better night tonight.

It was such a gorgeous day and in the 70’s! After Brad came home this evening and after I ate my dinner then we got Ben ready for his first little wash down! He was not happy at first, but come to find out he had a burp but once he burped he was a little more content and then after I got him dressed and situated he passed out, lol.

Now he smells allllll good and is fresh fresh fresh. I’m pumping some milk now and then I’m gonna eat ice cream! Chicago PD wasn’t new last night… boo so we don’t have anything to watch tonight like we usually do. Random note: but I cannot believe how SOFT my hair has become since I’ve had Benjamin and I love it. My hair is usually more brittle/dry so it’s amazing to have it like this!

Umm not much else to write about. Ready to eat some ice cream and maybe find something to watch! Can’t believe tomorrow is Friday.