Woops- meant to post earlier for a Friday post but ah well. First off, HAPPY BIG 3-0 BIRTHDAY TO MY HUBBY!!! YEEE!

Thursday night into Friday with Benjamin was MUCH-BETTER. When he went to sleep towards the later hours he stayed asleep and I am so thankful. I also got another longer nap after breakfast so it was awesome. It was a pretty chill day but I overdid it Friday afternoon with too many chores so I can feel it overall so I need to take it easy the rest of the weekend.

We decided to venture back out for our usual Friday night dinner at Whole Foods and grocery shopping- but of course with Benjamin! Took us about an hour longer to get ready before leaving the house because I had to pump and he had to get a bottle and diaper change… plus make sure everything we needed was in the diaper bag and check out the stroller we found at a discount place (we bought it earlier in February I think) and come to find out our car seat actually snaps into the stroller!!! Even better. The dinner/shopping trip went great and he slept the whole time! Brad and I both bought a few diff things other than groceries- tshirts for both of us and a 0-3 onesie & 2 pairs of newborn pants for Ben. We came back and brought Ben into Mom’s apartment so she could see him again- she’s only seen him once but we didn’t get him out of the car seat since he was still asleep. I’ll have to bring him back so she can get to hang out with him more.

Speaking of him- he’s fire mad right now cause he’s sleepy and had been alert for a long time so have a bottle thawing out for him cause I’ll go ahead and feed him a bit earlier so he can zonk out. After that I”m gonna have more ice cream and probably pump in a bit then lay down.

Cheers to the weekend!