Wow, what a morning! Benjamin was actually good during the night and slept a couple hours and that meant that I did too. I had my alarm set for 3AM but dozed back off until 3:30AM and got up to feed him, pump milk, and even had an hour before I had to get back up at 6AM for Katie’s breakfast and getting her off to school. Later on I was able to lay down again before getting ready for his doc checkup. Got dressed, everything packed, and the friend that has been taking me to appointments pulled up.

Checkup went great! He was 8lbs and has gained 3oz so he’s almost back to his birth weight. His cord fell off Saturday and his little boy bits are healed from the circumcision so we don’t have to use gauze or vaseline on it anymore. Finished the appointment and went to leave. As my friend and I were walking back to the car- I was on the other side of another car and then I heard her fall. She tripped on one of those concrete blocks in front of parking spaces. I asked If she was ok? She said no- and I asked If she needed help and she said she just needed a minute. I put Ben’s car seat down by the car then went over by her and she couldn’t get up. A lady walked by and my friend asked If she could help her so the lady went to get other people. Eventually, a doc and nurse came out to help her and they wanted to take her back in to have a look. I sent hubby a text about the situation and told him he might have to come get me If they were gonna keep her longer. I went upstairs to where she was and we sat there in triage for like 10 minutes then they put her in another room to wait for about 30 minutes. I was STARVING. I didn’t bring any snacks or anything. Luckily, I had Ben’s bottle so I fed him at 12:30pm and the nurse was nice enough to bring me a small can of Welch’s grape juice. Uggggh. And my boobs were full and really hurting. Ouch. Fast forward and they said they wanted to do an x-ray of her hand- since she might have fractured it but she decided to wait and get it looked at tomorrow because she was worried about me and the baby. We had to wait a while longer so I asked about a vending machine- went all the way down to the bottom level and found the machines but didn’t have the right change/bills for it.. =( and they even had gluten free corn chips! I was so hungry and did not feel good because of it. Sigh. So I carried the car seat back up again to where she was and waited outside the door while the doc was in there with her. Finally, she signed some papers and we were able to go. I didn’t get home until after 2pm and had to pump right away so I just crammed a rice krispy treat and by the time I got done with that then I had to bundle Benjamin up since it was pretty cold outside to get ready to pick Katie up from the bus stop. We got her then I had this, that, and the other to do when I got back. I just recently sat down and my abdomen is sore from all the movement and carrying. I am ready to just relax! Hopefully my friend is okay. I’m so thankful she has been willing to take me to all my appointments because without her then I dunno- I’d have to find someone. I need a car asap.. or Brad said he could buy a motorcycle to drive and then I could use the car.

Alright, time to unwind and catch up on my YouTube daily vlogs that I watch.