Happy happy birthday to me!!!!!!!! Am really happy the sun is shining on my birthday!

Benjamin did really well during the night and I slept longer than I thought I’d get to so I had to hurry and feed him then try to pump some milk before I had to take Katie out in the freezing cold to the bus stop this morning. BRRRR. I think it felt like it was in the teens. How about some NOPE. I went back to sleep a bit later and I was still really cold for some reason but finally curled up under my blanket on the couch and took a nap.

After lunch, I got a phone call from someone I didn’t recognize the number for then Brad’s aunt tried to contact me on Facebook and then said the number was her so I called back. Bad news… Brad’s dad passed away earlier today. Oh boy. I figured I would be the one to tell Brad so I called my Mom to ask for her advice then called Brad. He was deffo taken back by the news. He came home after a bit and I hugged him and said that I’m here for him for whatever he needs. The funeral might be this coming Monday and we’ll go out of town for it. Brad didn’t get enough sleep last night so he’s currently zonked out in bed and I imagine he’ll sleep the next few hours. He was trying to get a hold of his Mom to tell her and talk to her but wasn’t able to yet. I pray for him as he deals with this. He didn’t a good relationship with his dad and his dad was not the best dad to him, at all but still- now he’s gone.

Just remember to hug those you love tight! Try to work out issues, especially between your parents because we never known when someone is going to pass away.