Well, I have to decide whether I stay home with the kids or all of us go out to Mississippi for Brad’s Dads funeral this weekend… I dunno. Part of me wants so badly to be beside Brad for the funeral to support him, but Benjamin is not even a month old and I really don’t want him to be passed around and I also have to pump milk every few hours. Ugh, I hate this. Right now I’m leaning towards staying home and Brad’s Uncle from Savannah, GA can come pick him up on the way towards Mississippi. But again- I would love to be there with him. We don’t have a bassinet or anything for Ben to sleep in so not even sure where he would sleep, besides If we brought his swing.

Anyhow, today has been uneventful really. Ben was fussy during the night so I didn’t get a lot of sleep until later in the morning after I ate breakfast- pumped milk- and fed him then I was able to get like maybe almost 4 hours of sleep. Brad was exhausted so I let him sleep. We went to the store this afternoon for a few groceries and I also got the vitamin D supplement and gripe water for Benjamin.

So happy it’s staying lighter outside longer, wooohooo! Enjoying my favorite pizza and about to watch some YouTube vlogs. Happy almost Friday!