It was such a beautiful and sunny day today.. I wasn’t as upset as yesterday but still a bit. Brad and his family had the funeral for his dad today and he said the other kids were really upset (he has 5 other siblings, 3 sisters and a half brother and sister too).

Benjamin did SO WELL last night and this morning!! I started giving him a bit more milk and he is sleeping even longer now. So awesome! Such a good boy.

Once everyone was up and fed then I just did this and that but also been a bit bored. After everyone’s afternoon snacks (and Ben’s bottle)- I called Mom to see if she felt like company so she could hold Ben again, since she only got to hold him once the day we brought him home and she said sure! I loaded everyone up and we went over there for a long while. Eventually headed back home since Benjamin started fussing just a bit cause he was getting hungry and so was Katie… who reminded me of that fact about three times. “Um, well Mom, I’m getting hungry” “Yes Katie”… Hah.

By the time we got home Ben was back to sleep in his car seat lol so I had time to let his bottle thaw out, eat my dinner, and set Katie up with cartoons before I finally woke him up to eat. So yeah, now I’m just reading Facebook posts and listening to songs on YouTube while eating ice cream.

Can’t wait for hubby to be home tomorrow. Not sure what I’m gonna do for the rest of the evenings… bah.