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Hospital stay

What an interesting time I’ve had lately…

A few posts back I thought I had a breast infection but- turned out to be a uterine infection, endometritis. I went to my obgyn last Wednesday and had a 99.7 fever, felt kindof rough, red cheeks, and a tender uterus so the obgyn recommended I go over to the hospital for IV antibiotics for 24-48 hours. Ugh… Brad had let me have the car that day so he was stuck at work. I had to wait until the hospital had a bed ready for me so I just hung out at Moms then they called and said I could come in until around 9:30pm then I’d have to go in through the ER. Some people that work with Brad took him out to dinner then drove him home that night. He got back then I started to get my things together and my aunt came to sit with the kids. Katie was already in bed and Ben was in his swing. We got up to the hospital just after 9pm, I think. Long story short- I was admitted Wednesday night but they didn’t start anything until the next day. I was hoping to come home Thursday night.. nope. Hopeful for Friday morning.. nope. Obgyn came in and said they wanted me to get the full 48 hours of IV antibiotics. I was pretty upset so Brad brought Ben to the hospital Friday to hang out for a bit but I still had one more night to wait. I was finally able to go home Saturday morning and Brad came to get me around 11AM! It was so nice to be home. I’ve just been trying to rest and recover. Still a bit sore but much better than I was, for sure. I think I ended up with this infection because I had the Group B infection and wasn’t able to get the IV antibiotics when I went into labor because it was so fast and then that may have set off the infection in there. At least that’s my guess. They wanted to make sure I didn’t have any placenta left over in there and the ultrasound looked fine. I just hope it’s over and won’t come back or anything.

That’s what I’ve been up to lately! Don’t really feel like typing anymore so enjoy your Monday!

Dentist day

The little tummy time pillow I ordered for Benjamin came today! It’s so cute! Type in Amazon: Baby Einstein Rhythm of The Reef Prop Pillow – to see it!

Took Katie to the dentist this afternoon for 2 little fillings and she did great! It did hurt her a little when they did the top. =( She is all fixed as far as dental work. Now… I need to get my one tooth fixed soon. I was supposed to Tuesday but had to cancel because of my boob infection.

I’m ready to relax! Brad will be off work tomorrow for Good Friday.

What else? So, my aunt watched Benjamin while I took Katie to the dentist today so I was thankful that she was able to do that for me.

I didn’t even realize I didn’t post yesterday… woops.

Loving the new show 13 Reasons Why on Netflix! Going to watch more as soon as Katie goes to bed.

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!