Woops… lost my motivation for blogging for a few days!

– We had more storms move through but nothing too bad, thank goodness
– Katie is back to school after spring break and now the countdown until summer
– Thought Benjamin had thrush but nope! He’s all good but can be quite fussy and gassy
– I let my boobs go too long without pumping a few times and got a slight infection this weekend. =( Had a 101 fever, headache, severe body aches, lumpy breasts from the engorgement but I got plenty of rest and just kept pumping more often and my fever went away last night and I felt better today but still feel like I should take it easy and make sure to NOT let that happen again
– Brad took off today to take me for Benjamin’s appointment so it was nice to have him home
– Started taking prebiotics with my probiotics and that should help the balance in my gut (been battling gut imbalance for years)
– Watched the first episode of the new show First Dates last night and thought it was pretty funny haha
– I am thinking about starting the show I’ve heard a lot about on Netflix- 13 Reasons Why
– 2 goals for tonight: clean our ferret’s cage and wash my hair (it’s a mess lol)… got the cleaning done but still need to wash hair

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!