I swear I’ve been meaning to blog more… gonna start trying again to stay on top of daily blogging!
Highlights since last time-
– Ended up going to the skating rink for Katie’s birthday instead of the zoo! I was wore the heck out… I took Katie out on the rink once with the skate helper and omg it took so much energy haha. I did a few laps myself and it was fun but I do not have the leg muscles that I need for that anymore. Brad hasn’t skated since he was young so he didn’t want to try out on the rink and fall so he just had his skates on up on the carpet lol. Was fun though. We had our own little birthday celebration at home, including a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner we hung by the dining room. She got a portable CD player, music to play on that, fidget spinner, magic 8 ball, clothes, and a couple other things.
– We haven’t been swimming yet but hope to soon!
– Benjamin is now 4 months old and has given me a couple good little laughs so far. He is overall a good baby but when he NEEDS something- look out lol because he will loudly LET YOU KNOW. Whether it’s boogers in his nose, poopie diaper, or time to eat- he really gets mad and sounds the alarm. He sleeps really well- gets his last bottle about 10-11pm and then I get him up usually at 10AM evening morning. Have his check up this coming Wednesday! He’s great with his head control and hopefully will be sitting up sometime soon. I was working hard with pumping my milk and getting plenty but it was so much work so I’ve cut down on the pumping to just twice a day and still get about 5oz each time I pump. He eats about 7 1/2 oz every 4 hours or so, except at night. So I’ve been mixing formula and my milk, which hes used to formula because he’s had it off and on since he was born too.
– I am loving driving even more! So happy I can help my aunt and mom out by taking my aunt to the store when they need something so I go out almost every evening of the week. Hoping and praying we can get a second car real soon.
– So think late last year Katie started wearing deodorant because her sweat glands were kicking in but she is really getting a shape to her waist, getting even taller, and so pre-puberty is kicking in. She was in the bath last night and we still help her a bit with washing her hair and so Brad was scrubbing her head and I came in there- lets just say Katie let Brad know she’s got hair elsewhere lol. He had to turn his head and give me an OMG look. Oh booooooy.
– Brad’s work has a fun event each year for everyone and back in 2013? I think it was- everyone went to Six Flags for free! Well, this year it was Six Flags again! SO-MUCH-FUN. I felt much better health wise this time around than last. First ride? THE BATMAN with Katie! Brad wanted to ride but his shoulders were too broad. It was her first big coaster and she was terrified… lol. I LOVED it. I had never rode that one. Ended up riding just a few big coasters and then we did the fun Justice League 4D ride and that was awesome. Love that we live so close to it too.
– My Mom is not doing so well.. she is still with hospice since we can’t seem to get the dang people to come out with papers to sign her off of it. They gave her too much Xanax the other night and it made her really fidgety and looked terrible. Her mind/brain power is really going downhill. She remembers who we are but doesn’t remember a lot whether she’s eaten or not, whether she has food in the house, and usually doesn’t feed/water her cat anymore so my aunt has to do that pretty much daily now. I go over and sit and talk to her almost every day.. just never know how things will go but I’m thankful she’s still hanging in there.
– I LOVE SUMMER! Been letting Katie go right outside in front of our apartments to ride her scooter for 2-3 hours in the evenings and the person across from us, who happens to be the apartment manager, her little boy usually comes out to play with Katie and so it’s been fun for her, except for her random fits/attitude.
– 4th of July was fun too.. we were able to buy quite a lot of our own fireworks for the first time! We went out just before it got real dark and started with sparklers and then got started with everything else. Katie was NOT happy when we told her she couldn’t stay outside and try to see other fireworks. Oh, drama.
– I am finally seeing the scale go down weight wise again! I started taking spray magnesium and make sure to take my bile pills since I don’t have a gallbladder and man, the magnesium is really cleaning out my gut. Excited to see how this will go over time. Will I finally be able to exercise/run again without feeling worse!???! Man, that would be a dream come true for me. I will keep fighting for it!!!! Fight for your health! I know I have since my health went down hill back in late 2009.
– This time last year I was still newly pregnant! What a special time it was.
– Katie did pass to the 4th grade, woot woot. She thought she was going to have the same teacher but we just got a letter in the mail yesterday from her 3rd grade teacher saying she had another teaching opportunity at another school so she will have someone different.

I think that’s all the major updates! Brad didn’t feel well today so he came home early and has been passed out on the couch. Gonna ask him in a bit if he wants to load up to go get dinner at Whole Foods- if not then I’ll take Katie with me and we’ll get dinner there.