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Last day of November!! Most of the day was pretty gloomy and a bit rainy, but the sun did try to peek out at times. Katie went off to school this morning then Brad to work. I eventually got little mister up for his diaper change and bottle then we loaded up and went to get Katie’s meds from the pharmacy then came back for his oatmeal+fruit then NAP for both of us. It was usual business after that… nap, lunch, get ready to go get Katie from the bus stop. Needed a few things from the store so came back with Katie, fed her and Ben then it was off to the store! Tried to make it a shorter trip to get back for Ben’s afternoon nap.

Katie became a grumpy whiney girl when we got home. Not sure if she was over tired or just upset because I was trying to help her figure out math stuff. She’s been doing well with math practice at home lately but now they are dealing with bigger numbers in division and it’s sort of throwing her off, but I told her that it’s JUST like we’ve been doing … just with bigger numbers and more guess work to see what numbers will work to solve the problem. I had to help her, get dinner started, check her work, Brad came home then it was time to make Ben’s bottle. It’s been a very busy evening and I was glad when both kids were in bed! I left a little after 9pm, since our upstairs neighbor needed a ride home from work. We also watched latest episodes of Chicago Med and PD.. both awesome episodes. Both shows never disappoint!! And the show This is Us is a show I would highly recommend! Watched that last night for their fall finale.

FINALLY updated some info on this site, lol. Been meaning to for a long time. I’d like a new layout.. but dunno when I actually will be able to. I also started uploading pictures from earlier this year to my Flickr, which I’ve also been meaning to do. So many things I’d like to do and get done so I’m trying to work on one thing at a time. I used to have more time to site and work on website coding and layouts. Just feels like I never have time but that’s how it goes! I did like getting out and about a few times today. AND TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!!! Woohoo! Hopefully we’ll have a good time this weekend.

Time to finish my cereal and maybe play a little LOTRO! Have a good one.

9 months

Our little man turned 9 months old today!!!

This is gonna be a short post but wanted to have something here for today. In fact, they may all be short posts- maybe.

Katie has been so good so far this week and did great with her math practice for homework!

Umm, folded some laundry this evening and put on another load before I went out to Kroger with my aunt then came back and sat and talked to Mom for a long while.

Came back home right before Ben went to bed and then played my game for a bit then watched vlogs on YouTube! About to get a bath and bed in a bit.

Sending good vibes to ya! =)