Weekend recap time! Friday evening we went out to DD’s Discount to look around and bought a few things then headed to Wal-Mart for random groceries and finally got Ben a highchair!! Saturday, we went to a Christian store and I bought 2 new shirts, key chain, and Katie got a little gadget too. We hadn’t been to church in a few weeks but I got up early yesterday morning and got everything ready to go for church but Brad woke up later than expected so had to rush a bit. Overall, great Sunday but didn’t seem like as many people. Brad was nervous about teaching the men’s class last hour but said it went well! Ben needed some diapers and I needed almond milk so I went back to the store yesterday before dinner.

I need to make a dental appointment to get my teeth cleaned and one of my teeth fixed and then this afternoon is Benjamin’s 9 month check-up! Which means… shots. Ugh. He is being such a good boy playing in his crib right now.

Thankful, grateful, blessed. Have a great week everyone!