Happy New Year! Hope January was everything you’d hoped it would be.

I’d say January was alright for me!

January 9th made it NINE years since I went on my healthy eating/lifestyle change that helped me lose 76 pounds.

January 11th I taught a healthy eating class at church and it was a great time! Thankful I got to share and talk about my passion with others.

Ben took his first steps on January 16th, has a 5th tooth coming in, and we started giving him half milk/half formula today since the Doc mentioned that at his last appointment. Oh, of course he turned 11 months on the 28th!!!! Just blows my mind he will be a YEAR OLD next month…

Katie started tutoring both before and after school, so I go pick her up in the afternoons on Tuesdays and Thursdays and that’s something I’ve never done before.. since I have only been driving 2 years so yeah- true school line Mom status hahaha. Also, last Wednesday morning Katie said she felt dizzy. Uh oh… I know from her past sick days that this probably will lead to something. Sure enough, she came home Wednesday afternoon with a 101.8 fever and feeling miserable. Thursday her temp was between 101 and 102. Friday morning it was 102.8, in addition to slight cough and sore throat so Brad went ahead and took her to the Doc. THE FLU. Ugh… gave her Tamiflu meds and she spent rest of Friday taking it easy and alternating meds. She was a bit better later Saturday and thankfully did not have a fever Sunday so she went back to school this Monday. She still has a tiny cough. Told her to stay back from Ben when she was sick because I did not want him to get it and so far so good. I felt a little “off” when she was sick – like a bit drained but I just took my vitamins and washed my hands a lot then felt better.

I finally made an appointment with the dentist to fix my broken tooth that’s been that way since before I was pregnant with Ben… woops. I didn’t want to get it fixed when I was pregnant and then a million other things came up and etc etc. So! I got my teeth cleaned yesterday – and my aunt came over to watch the kids in the afternoon while I was gone. I went ahead and set up an appointment for today to get the broken tooth fixed… bad news is that I let it sit for so long that the bacteria go into the tooth on the top and caused a cavity. Oh, hooray. I already have almost all my teeth filled… what’s another? My aunt came over again and watched Ben while I went to get the work done. Didn’t take too long and they are always great and super nice. Feels weird though because the one that broke was a molar so it’s huge and the way he shaped it created a bit of a point that is different. Thankful to have gotten that done tho.

Still trying to take iron pills and eat food that will help my iron/ferritin and hoping for the best! When I was tested years ago for vitamin/mineral deficiencies I came up short on glutathione (master anti-oxidant!) so I might take that here and there and eat foods that support the body’s glutathione production.

We’re on the hunt for a new place to live still and time is ticking down since our lease is up at our current place at the end of March! Praying we find something soon.

BREAKING BENJAMIN is coming out with a new album in April- cannot wait! Already love the 2 songs they have released from it! WOOP WOOP. I got to watch Ben live steam on twitch to raise money for St. Jude last week and it was awesome!!!! That’s my highlights for January.

Cheers to an awesome February!