Last period was ~May 23rd.

Time of conception was ~June 6-8th.

Period was due around June 20th.

Took first pregnancy test on July 3rd and got a very, very dark positive!

Digital test said 5+ weeks on July 4th.

Only did the deed once!

July 3rd- Little cramping, tiny headache, heavier boobs, and tiny bit of nausea! Told both Mom’s and a couple friends.

July 4th- 6 weeks preggers!

July 6th- SO TIRED. Smell and taste are enhanced big time. Told a few more people <3 Baby is the size of a lentil! Getting pimples on face.

July 11th- 7 weeks preggers! Felt sooo nauseous and shaky this morning. Almost puked and couldn’t eat all my breakfast. Was exhausted. Slept off and on from 7:30AM till 4:30PM

July 12th- Felt HORRID so went to urgent care. Deffo preggo! No infection but was a little dehydrated so they gave me Tylenol and IV fluids. Recommended B6 for the nausea but I already take it. Just feel real weak sometimes, off/on uncomfortable nausea all day, not really wanting anything to eat/drink but trying to do it anyway. Haven’t gotten sick but feel close to it a lot. Brad says it must be a boy with all this hassle lol

July 14th- Intense cramps but nausea has let up, thankfully! Really want a sausage biscuit.

July 18th- 8 weeks! Been trying diff foods and my gut has been ok!!! Loving tuna/egg combo and really want meat.

July 19th- 8 weeks/1 day and finally happened… I got sick after breakfast w/sausage & potato combo. 1st baby appointment! Got to see our tiny bean and everything looks great. Might need progesterone injections to help prevent preterm labor. HR @ 160bpm.

July 25th- 9 weeks pregnant <3

July 26th- 1st official OB appt! The CNP is awesome that I’m seeing! Got to see our tiny babe again!! HR @ 176bpm and they took lots of blood- had to drink the sugary drink

July 31st- Had a strong craving so went to the store late and bought dill pickles, dill pickle chips, and dark chocolate almond milk lol!

August 1st- Double digits!!! 10 weeks pregnant :)

August 5th- Got an email from my Doc. I WAS RIGHT- I did have something *else* going on. Group B strep (diff from strep throat) infection (bacterial infection) that they found through urine culture! On antibiotics for a few days and already feeling improvement since starting. That’s why I had random fevers, sometimes fast heart rate, weakness, overly nauseous, lower blood pressure, and just not feeling well. Thankful my Doc is taking great care of me.

August 8th- Finished antibiotics and 11 weeks preggo!

August 15th- 12 weeks pregnant and starting to feel a tiny bulge <3

August 18th- ROUGH morning. I forgot to take my gummy vitamins yesterday… big mistake. I woke up at 4:30AM and had to pee then tried to lay back down but started to get a pretty bad headache and empty-stomach feeling nausea so I tossed for an hour then finally got up, tried to sip on some juice, and got sick. Stayed up, sipped on juice, and took Tylenol. I got sick again right after I started trying to eat my breakfast. UGH- I have to remember those vitamins!!! Stomach still feels unsettled after breakfast. Genetic testing appt later today. Update: The appointment was amazing!!! Nurse and Doc were so great. Baby was moving/wiggling all over the place! Baby is looking like a BOY based on the little “nub” angle. HR @ 167bpm- healthy measurements!

August 19th- Feel better than I have since I found out I was pregnant!!! Got excellent sleep too last night.

August 22nd- 13 weeks <3

August 23rd- Monthly checkup! Heard babe’s HB @ about 160bpm. Had to redo the gestational diabetes testing since the last one they forgot to do that lab and result was 109! Awesome.

August 29th- 14 weeks :)

September 5th- 15 weeks! Might have felt *slight* tiny flutters?? Have a tiny bump!

September 12th- 16 weeks.. got sick after breakfast, ugh.

September 13th- Feeling tiny jabs!!!! EEEEEE.

September 19th- 17 weeks :D bought maternity pants on the 17th

September 20th- Felt a bigger movement from tiny babe against my hand, AHHHH <3

September 22nd- Baby checkup! Have only gained 3 pounds since I got preggo. Got my first Makena shot and didn’t even feel it! Got blood drawn for 2nd Trimester genetic testing and babe’s HB was 152bpm!

September 26th- Pretty sure I have the Group B infection back.. =( Barely got any sleep and have felt terrible with a slight fever. Took some Tylenol and feel a bit better but still meh. (Note: Felt normal the next day, thank goodness) Also, 18 weeks!

September 29th- 2nd Makena shot but didn’t get to hear heartbeat this time

October 3rd- 19 weeks <3

October 4th- Anatomy ultrasound and yup, it IS a BOY!!! He looked so cute <3 About 10oz, measured 1 day ahead (19w2d), and HB was 158bpm

October 5th- OB emailed me and said ultrasound was normal :) so happy he’s healthy! <3

October 6th- 3rd Makena shot

October 10th- 20 weeks!!! Halfway through <3

October 13th- 4th Makena shot- been having off/on nerve pain in my left leg but luckily for now its gone but Doc said to use a pillow between my legs at night to see if that will help. Total weight gain: 6 pounds

October 17th- 21 weeks :)

October 20th- 5th Makena shot and baby checkup! Belly measured 21 inches (for 21w3d pregnant) and his HB was 150bpm!

October 22nd- Baby boy has really been kicking more! especially in the evening and Brad finally felt a kick- awww <3

October 24th- 22 weeks!

October 27th- 6th Makena shot and kicks are getting bigger! Gained about 10 pounds now and LOVE my bump!

October 31st- 23 weeks :)

November 3rd- 7th Makena shot & baby boy has been super active but also been having leg nerve pain.. ouch

November 7th- 24 weeks!

November 10th- 8th Makena shot and this is the first time the shot really hurt =( was a diff nurse. no weight gain! usually gain a pound so that’s good. He has been really active and ive been loving chocolate ice cream

November 14th- 25 weeks

November 17th- 9th Makena shot and baby checkup! Belly measured 27cm (for 25w3d pregnant) and his HB was 145bpm. Feeling happy <3 and no issues, except for sometimes leg pain at night.

November 21st- 26 weeks!!! Total weight gain so far: about 15 pounds.

November 23rd- Had my 10th Makena shot a day early since they were closed on Thanksgiving

November 28th- 27 weeks! :) Decided on his name!!!! Benjamin Nolan Moody!

December 1st- 11th Makena shot, no weight gain this time! Feeling great too.

December 5th- 28 weeks and that means… 3rd trimester! :)

December 8th- 11th Makena shot and baby checkup again! Belly measured 28cm (for 28w3d pregnant) and his HB was 166bpm because of the glucose testing drink lol. Got to meet a midwife, blood drawn for gestational diabetes, and given my pre-admission hospital packet. Glucose numbers came back… NO GESTATIONAL DIABETES!!! Number was 112. Seriously a Christmas present to me!

December 12th- 29 weeks <3

December 15th- 12th Makena shot and have now gained 20 pounds. Ben is soo active! Lots of kicks

December 19th- 30 weeks

December 22nd- 13th Makena shot and baby checkup! Belly measured 31cm (for 30w3d pregnant) and his HB was 148bpm. Found out we get a free breast pump with our insurance = SCORE. Felt dizzy later that evening, that night, and next morning? Also my injection site got really swollen and red. Still a little swollen so not sure what happened but will tell my nurse

December 26th- 31 weeks pregnant

December 29th- 14th Makena shot and no swelling on right side, yay!

January 2nd- 32 weeks pregnant!

January 5th- 15th Makena shot (staying with right side) and another baby checkup! Belly measured 33cm (for 32w3d) and his HB was 146bpm.

January 9th- 33 weeks pregnant and never been that week before

January 12th- 16th Makena shot

January 16th- 34 weeks preggo =) Benjamin is still active as ever and I love it.

January 17/18th- Had uncomfortable Braxton Hicks contractions but not consistent

January 19th- 17th Makena shot and baby checkup! Belly measured 35cm (for 34w3d pregnant) and his HB was right around 140bpm. Got the whooping cough shot too. Brad is gonna get it as well.

January 23rd- 35 weeks pregnant

January 26th- 18th Makena shot

January 30th- 36 weeks pregnant!!!

February 2nd- 19th and final MAKENA preterm labor shot!! No more shots to the hips, woot. Brad also got his whooping cough shot. We got to see our little guy on ultrasound! Didn’t get a good view of his face but saw his full bladder lol and ankles were crossed. SO. CUTE. Heard his HB on the ultrasound.
February 6th- 37 weeks pregnant- had afternoon stronger Braxton Hicks irregular contractions

February 7th- Afternoon stronger Braxton Hicks irregular contractions

February 8th- Belly was tight most of the day and had even more stronger BH contractions bit here and there. Had about 3 between 9-10pm. Was exhausted!

February 9th- 37w3d! Had 2-3 strong BH contractions that morning but then none the rest of the day. OB checkup- Ben’s HB was 150bpm. Lost 1 pound so I’ve gained 30lbs. OB says he doesn’t think I’ll make it to my due date!

February 10th- Off/on contractions between 6:30pm-ish and 9:00pm, seems my belly has dropped a little and feels soooo-heavvvy!

February 13th- Up allll night with consistent contractions from 1AM and finally decided at 4:30AM to go to hospital. Contractions were there until they settled sometime closer to noon but had dilated to 2-3cm and stayed the same since 6AM when I was checked so discharged

February 14th- Tried a few things previous night to maybe help with dilation and this morning I lost part or all of the mucus plug! Just a little bit of brown/old blood with it.. should be today or this week/end!!!! (except it wasn’t…)

February 15th- Mild contractions that started around 2:40AM that woke me up a few times throughout the night.. we’ll see! Is it baby day?? (not yet..)

February 16th- 38w3d! OB checkup- same dilation. Forgot to ask for HB and belly measurement numbers but everything is great

February 20th- 39 weeks!!!!!!!!

February 22nd-23rd- Was up all night again with tight belly/contractions. OB checkup with awesome Dr. Lee- same dilation but he predicts this weekend! HB was in the 140’s. My chart says I’ve gained 34 pounds! Not bad.

Other tidbits:
Favorite foods during pregnancy- pepsi, spaghetti, chocolate ice cream, creamed corn, sweet peas, supreme pizza, rice krispy treats, frozen yogurt bars, fruit snacks
Issues- nerve pain in legs.. mostly left one at night but sometimes in whichever leg I’m laying on. Feeling so heavy when Ben is situated up high.

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