Bah, always miss a post for Fridays since we usually go out for groceries and then by the time I sit down I forget to blog.

We decided that Brad would go by himself back to Mississippi for his Dad’s funeral and to ride with his uncle Robert, so that’s what happened. His uncle got here I think after 11am and it was good to see him again- don’t think I’ve seen him in probably 4 or 5 years. They loaded up Brad’s stuff and he said bye to all of us and headed out.

I bawled for probably 2 hours or so.. just because I want to be there for him so badly that it just tears me into. Oh well. So just been super sad about that and then I went to give Benjamin some gripe water for his tummy later on and he choked on it and really scared me. I got some chores done to try to keep myself busy. Washed every bit of laundry, got Katie to help take out our mound of trash that had piled up in the kitchen, and then folded some of that laundry.

I’m just done with today. Ready for this weekend to be over…