Sheesh- I’m so behind with blogging, again. Sitting here eating my cereal snack before I have to feed the little guy again soon.

How was your summer? I never want summer to end. I’ll do numbered highlights!
1) Katie has been doing well in 4th grade, except for math but we’ll work on it. She LOVES her teacher since she already knew her from seeing her help back in her 2nd grade class so that’s awesome. Katie just keeps getting taller and creeping into the pre-puberty stuff. UGGGGGGH. She does her homework then usually has a few hours to play outside so she’s loving that.
2) Well, about a month ago Brad wanted to test drive this bright red Dodge Charger at a dealership so we did. Then after the sales person tried to talk us into buying it.. we said no way we could do it right now. Brad told him we would think it over during the weekend and he’d get back to him Monday. Brad and I talked about it again and decided just to wait on a 2nd car. Monday comes and Brad is still obsessed about this car. He calls me 2 diff times saying he was looking up how much car insurance would be for it. The 2nd time he tells me he’s going to get the car. UHHH. We did not agree on this! I tried to talk him out of going but he said he wanted it. He got a great deal for a down payment, yes, but now we’re back to scrambling for extra money. I was not happy but he said he’d work extra for Uber to bring in more money (and he has) but it’s still putting us in a not so stable position money wise. *SIGH*
3) Brad’s 21 year old sister came recently and spent a week with us! It was fun to have someone else here to talk to and I let her drive our Corolla a couple times since she’s new to driving and has her permit. I’m so proud of myself for being the one to help someone else drive! Brad wouldn’t do it because he felt too nervous teaching her. Brad’s Mom, Stepdad, and 2 other sisters got to visit a bit when they first dropped Brad’s sister off so that was nice too.
4) Brad and I have been spicing up our relationship lately and so we’re closer now than we’ve been since about 2010 or so, which is so awesome. We had been working on being more intimate recently but then he ended up sick.. =( He started to go downhill Sunday evening after he drove his sister halfway back to meet with his Mom and Stepdad. He stayed home from work Monday and went to the doctor. They said he has an upper respiratory and ear infection so he’s on antibiotics and other stuff for cough. He stayed home Tuesday, worked Wednesday, and then came home early today. Also, he ended up running over something metal in the red car that got stuck in his tire … argh. So, he had to go get a new tire and ended up getting 2 new back ones. Sigh, can we win the lottery?
5) Our little mister Benjamin is almost 6 months old!!!! He’s finally starting to really chunk up. I weighed him by weighing myself then holding him and he’s about 15 pounds. Been really trying to give him lots of formula and rice too. Was trying to give more baby food but seemed to make his tummy hurt so haven’t tried much of it lately but I will soon when he’s 6 months. He still sleeps excellent through the night but he also goes to bed pretty late but that’s ok cause so do we and his crib is here in the dining room right by us- which will probably pose a big problem soon with trying to get him to sleep as he gets older. We’ll prob have to move the crib in our room. Still working on helping him sit up and he gets so mad on his tummy and is too lazy to roll onto his back. He’s done it a few times in the past but not recently. Also: formula is too damn expensive.
6) GAME. OF. THRONES…. so awesome. Can’t wait to the finale Sunday but but but! Don’t want it to end!!!!!!!
7) Still play my favorite MMO- Lord of the Rings Online every night!
8) My weight is slowly starting to go down but still trying to figure out which supplements help me the best. Just gotta keep trying! I’m so glad I feel 70% better than I used to. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
9) Just renewed this domain for another year! Going since 2005! I really need a new layout and new content… eh, maybe one day soon.
10) I hope everyone has a great upcoming weekend!!!!!