Highlights from lately…

– Benjamin had his 9 month check up last week! He’s doing super!!! Almost 21lbs! LOL. He didn’t get shots… shew but! They wanted to test his blood to make sure he wasn’t anemic. Get this – they don’t do the simple finger prick anymore like they did when Katie was a baby. We had to go down to the lab and I had to hold him super tight so they could stick his little arm. WTF. That was not a good afternoon. Katie was a super brat and then I had to do that with little man. He got SUPER MAD and was sweating. I’m not doing that again.
– I bought little man a starter sippy cup this weekend and he tried it out first time yesterday!!! After a few minutes he realized it was different lol but hopefully he’ll do great with it. He has his 2 bottom teeth! He can stand sometimes without holding on in his crib too so we’ll be practicing walking soon! We’ve been trying more solid foods and he is not so sure LOL. He makes major faces and gagged on the more chunky baby food but we’ll work on it.
– Brad has been doing awesome with his job and getting all kinds of bonuses lately! My early x-mas after we got back from his Mom’s for Thanksgiving- not sure if ive said this- was a 32inch computer monitor! I LOVE IT. However, my computer would not work this weekend so Brad had to work on it and got it to finally come back up. He used his other computer parts… replaced the CPU and motherboard and that worked for now, but he thinks it might be the power supply that might mess with the motherboard or CPU again and if that happens then I’m getting a new computer. We thought about getting a new one but then he got this one to work again. Brad got the Nintendo Switch and 2 games for his early x-mas. Well, actually 4 games. Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8, Skyrim, and Just Dance (the new one). We have loved playing the new Mario Kart together.
– Gotta get my thyroid labs redone whenever they send me the lab requisition for it and also get my teeth cleaned and one tooth fixed.
– We don’t have our Christmas tree up yet, lol.
– Our good friend Gatlin and 2 of his friends are coming to stay the weekend so they can go to some event in the area so that will be fun to hang out with them!
– Yesterday was our TWELVE year wedding anniversary!!! Hubby said he was bringing me home an anni present tonight!

Have a great week!