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Due date

February 27th, 2017 is Ben’s official due date… and I’m still sitting here with him wiggling in my belly, lol.

Today was a whole different story weather wise. Gloomy with a bit of rain later, ick. This week is looking like more chances for rain and much warmer tomorrow and Wednesday with potential storms as well. I went to bed at about 1AM? My belly was really tight but I got to sleep but woke up at almost 4AM and again, my back on the left side hurt SO-BADLY. I tried to push my way off the bed to go to the bathroom and try to breathe. Yeah, not exactly fun. My belly was still tight so I knew I wouldn’t be comfortable laying back in bed, so I stayed up and watched the live feed for the mama pregnant giraffe again! She’s still hanging in there waiting for her little baby too. I got super tired/exhausted around 4:35AM so I just laid on my right side on the couch. Brad woke me up at 6:05AM so I could get up and get Katie ready for school. I waddled my way to take her to the bus stop then slowly made my way back, haha.

I ate breakfast and stayed up but got tired again so I took my nap earlier than usual, since my doc appointment was earlier too. I ate lunch then called the friend that was taking me to remind her. I went ahead and packed a backpack and other bags for Katie’s clothes/snacks for when my mom and aunt keep her while we’re in the hospital. I went across the hall to talk to my aunt, who was at my cousin’s place. Time passed too fast and then I realized I only had like 15 minutes to eat my snack and get dressed and ready for my OB checkup appointment so I hurried and my friend had already been sitting out in her car honking a few times haha.

SO- saw the midwife today and I’ve seen her 2-3 times before and she’s great. Checked me and I’m now up to 4cm, instead of 2-3cm! PROGRESS! She went ahead and did a sweep of the membranes (disconnect baby’s sac from my uterine wall by the cervix opening in hopes of bringing on labor) and she said she was hoping when she did that-that my water would break! She made the comment that it’s raining outside and that would mean something, in regards to good luck with my water breaking. Went ahead and set up another appointment for Thursday and they will put me on the fetal and contraction monitors to see how I’m doing and gauge the fluid around the baby to get an idea if he’s “ready” to come out or wanting more time. Come on little boy! I’ve just recently started having contractions so maybe they will keep coming tonight. However, if things wait till tomorrow night then he might actually be a MARCH 1ST BABY!!!!!!! We’ll see lol. I really don’t want to wait till next Monday at 41 weeks but I guess if he wants to wait then I have no choice hahaha.

So- if my water breaks it is go time! If I get consistent enough contractions for long enough it is go time! If not then I wait some more.. bum bum bum.

We watched the latest Walking Dead tonight- lol @ Eugene. Brad might go out at some point and get me a yoga ball to bounce on and hopefully help with something to get this going so we can have a baby!

Overall, I am excited! Feeling really happy about everything going on in our life. I am forever grateful! Sending positive vibes to you and yours. =)

Just owe.

Eesh- I woke up at almost 7AM this morning and my what felt like- kidney was hurting sooooo very badly. I hope I don’t have an infection but might just be from the weight and the way little guy was laying for so long last night. I had to pee realllllly badly so I went and then tried to rub my side. It took it a long while to subside so I just stayed up. I ate breakfast a bit later and then it’s just been another day of hanging around.

It was super sunny, which was nice. It was really chilly in the house this morning when I got up so I had to turn on the heat for a bit. We went out again this afternoon to browse Goodwill and then Kroger’s. I just ate a burrito and chicken strips for dinner and now just want to relax.

It’s looking more and more like I’m gonna have to be induced with this baby haha. Ah well. Maybe when I go for my appointment tomorrow then we can go ahead to the hospital. We are ready to meet our son, for sure. Katie is back to school tomorrow after her whole week off for “winter break” and I don’t think she’ll get another one until spring break in April.

Oh, last night Brad and I watched Dirty Grandpa.. what a movie LOL.

Have a great start to the week!