Ok, get to sit down and continue with the birth story! I was able to have what I didn’t with Katie’s birth- him put on my chest right afterwards. It was awesome. My placenta was delivered pretty fast- everything happened so fast that they had to give me a shot to slow my bleeding since it was a little more than they’d like at first. The hospital I delivered at just started doing the “golden hour” where Mom, Dad, and baby spend the first hour after birth doing skin to skin or just being together as a new little family. Again, it was awesome! They didn’t even do much with him since that hour was for us so we had to wait on his official birth weight, lol. His first latch on me was quick and he got a mouthful of the golden pre-milk, which made me really happy. They brought me food… thank goodness! So we hung out and Brad fed me food. A nurse came in to take care of little Ben- his first little “bath”, weight, etc etc. Eventually a nurse came in to help me get up and check on the bleeding. I got cleaned up then back to go lay on the bed. We had to wait for a room to open up so we could move upstairs. Brad got to push Ben in his little clear bassinet and then I was in the wheelchair. We got to our new room and got settled. Brad had to leave =( to go back home to take care of Katie. Really sucked he was leaving.

To be continued… (cause I’m real tired right now lol)