How has your Wednesday been?? Mine has been awesome. I love taking care of our little man.

– I was able to get a stretch of sleep during the night then 2 other smaller naps today = I feel good! I think my metabolism is much better nowadays.
– I fall more and more in love with our Benjamin every day
– TMI but I have really been wanting to make out with hubby lol we haven’t done that in forever but spent time together last night. He is probably going to get the snip soon- we’ve only ever wanted 2 kids so yeah
– Eating my favorite pizza right now for dinner = WIN
– Hubby’s work bonus from last year will hit the bank Friday!!! Let’s just say it’s way more than our income tax!
– It was a gorgeous day… blue skies. I cannot wait for spring
– I ordered a hands free pumping bra and it came in today. I -LOVE- IT!
– Hoping to accomplish a few things tonight: clip mine and Katie’s nails, clean our ferret’s cage, wash my hair, and maybe Ben’s first sponge bath!
– I will for sure be watching the latest Bones and This is Us episodes tonight.. love both those shows and recommend them
– Brad knows I love chewing on ice with water and sometimes a small glass of pepsi so he was trying to figure out a way to get more ice for our freezer. Well, he found out he can get a lot of ice from work! So yesterday he brought home a small bucket of ice lol and said that he can refill it whenever needed.. I love him so much for wanting to get me things that I like!
– Am hoping to go over and visit Mom maybe tomorrow… she’s only seen Ben once and I’d like to just hang out with her, since I know she doesn’t feel good all day every day.. which makes my heart sad. She admitted today on the phone that she has been inside for way too long and I said sunshine and fresh air is always a good thing, especially with spring coming soon. I just wish she could feel better.

Life is good. Life is amazing… as always, I’m so thankful, grateful, and blessed for everything Heavenly Father has given me. My heart is full, for sure. Brad and I have been through so much and have come so far. He is my everything.

Hope your week has been good so far! Have an excellent Thursday. =)