Brad decided for his birthday yesterday that he wanted to go to the mall to buy buttons/patches for this vest jacket he is fixing up.. so! We all loaded up and headed out. It was pretty chilly so we kept Benjamin covered up in his car seat. I really love the stroller we found! Did I mention our car seat snaps into it even though we didn’t realize it at first! Awesome. We went and looked in Hot Topic for a bit and I found 2 BREAKING BENJAMIN tshirts!!!! I bought one of them, woot. Brad and Katie went to look around the mall some more but I stayed upstairs, since I had the stroller and it seemed like the elevator was always crowded or had a line when I would think about going downstairs. I looked in various stores then after a while I was pretty much done… tired of walking. I sent Brad a text and said I was tired so they made their way back to where I was. Katie, of course, wasn’t happy because we didn’t stay longer. Was nice to get out but I still need to not overdo it since my body is still healing. Brad stayed up with me Saturday evening/night and It was nice to have help with the little babe.

Today has been a relax and rest day. Also been even chillier outside, which sucks. We cooked one of the honey glazed turkey breasts for dinner that Brad’s work sent to us- as a gift with having the baby. The turkey is soooo yummy. I had mine with leftover spaghetti and steamed carrots. Benjamin had some major tummy pains earlier but thankfully now is passed out and I’m praying and hoping for a decent night tonight with him. Back to the weekly grind tomorrow! I also have to ride with my friend to take Ben to his 2 week checkup tomorrow at 10:50AM.

Time for a little more ice cream!